IT Consulting Dr. Klaus Meffert

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Software Consulting and Development in Excellence

Your company wants solutions, not problems? You don’t need bad consulting any longer? Persuade yourself: competence is provable: dozens of print publications and books, numerous successfull software-projects and lifelong dedication are a word.

Your company uses SAP and wants to integrate a  system (search engine, catalogue, application, web service, HTML form, etc.) or initially realize it? Just mail Dr. Meffert for a request without obligation.

SAP Consulting and Development as well as Trainings

Always looking for current software project offers in the areas Java and SAP (key modules: SAP SRM, SAP BC, SAP IS-H; Basic  knowledge: SAP EP, SAP XI, SAP QM, SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP BI/BW). Please contact Dr. Meffert in case of interesting projects.

We are always up-to-date concering relevant technologies in the area of SAP. Right now, SAP NetWeaver (ABAP and Java stack) as well as web applications with SAP, Java, Javascript, AJAX, CSS and HTML are on my agenda. We do give trainings on these issues. Previous training sessions for customers cover SAP, Java,  JUnit and IBM Websphere Product Center  (WPC). If interested about training sessions please do not hesitate contacting Dr. Meffert directly.

App Projects

Current weather data from Dasbach as well as forecast for the next few days; Display of weather statistics. Weather app for Idstein.
For Android Smartphones in all common screen resolutions.

Current Java Projects

JGAP, a Java open-source framework for realizing Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming, may be fancy and juicy enough for you to give it a look. Currently, this project includes far more than 1350 unit tests with JUnit. The documentation including Javadoc,  the change log and CVS comments is extensive. Besides the open-source license (LGPL), a commercial license is available as well (dual license model). Currently, grid computing (similar SETI@Home as well as in local networks) with JGAP is incubating. You can find more about JGAP on the JGAP-Homepage.

We love exchanging experiences with you about the subjects software development, software architecture, Java, frameworks, grid computing, JUnit as well as Genetic Algorithms & Genetic Programming.