Resume Dr. Klaus Meffert

Activities and career, education

  • 2008 – today: Freelancer in technical consulting and development, focus: SAP, Web applications, integration, software architecture

  • 2003 – 2009: Dissertation at the Technical University Ilmenau (ranking Europe) about software architecture, alongside work

  • 2007 – today: Administration and development for project RobocodeJGAP

  • 2003 – today: Administration and development of the open-source project JGAP

  • 2003 – 2009: Publication of three books plus a book contribution as well as several articles (popular as well as scientific, in German and in Englisch)

  • 2001 – 2008: Employed as consultant for organizations with focus on SAP and Java in various domains

  • 1997 – 2001: Active as entrepreneur in the field of software consulting and development; foundation of a small ISV. Head of a team with two permanent and several casual colleagues.

  • 1995 – 2001: Studied computer science with master degree at the Technical University Ilmenau (ranking Europe)

  • 1990: German Champion: Jugend trainiert für Olympia (1000 meter dash)

  • 1987 – 1994: Programming of intros, demos, programs, EPROM-tools with Z80-assembler, Basic, Turbo Pascal

Print Publications

Online Publications

  • Keeping a weblog at the SAP Developer Network (SDN)

  • Keeping a personal weblog about software development, automated software tests and genetic algorithms

  • Administration of the JGAP-Homepage. Realization of the project JGAP. Building up a platform for distributed computing (sort of like BOINC/Seti@Home)

Software projects and given training courses

2012 up to now: See German version of this page.


  • SAP SRM consulting and development (several projects for different customers): Technology consulting für SRM 4 and SRM 7; feasability studies, prototyping, concepts, implementation

  • Creation of several homepages for different customers


  • SAP SRM consulting and development (two concurrent projects for two customers): Technology consulting für SRM 4 and SRM 7; Process consulting, feasability studies, concepts, systems integration, testing, development, customizing, etc. Methods: SAP SRM, ABAP, ABAP/Objects, ABAP Web Dynpro, BADIs, Enhancement Spots, Internet Services, HTML Templates, ICF Services, HTML, HTMLBusiness, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, OCI-Schnittstelle, Heiler catalog, MDM, external catalogues, BRF workflow, classic workflow


  • SAP SRM consulting and development (two concurrent projects for two customers): Technology consulting für SRM 4 and SRM 7; Creation of concepts; Integration of external catalogues with SAP via own solution, relying on HTTP and AJAX; Implementation; Third-level support. SRM 7 release change. Methods: ABAP, ABAP/Objects, BADIs, DDIC, ABAP Web Dynpro, Internet Services, HTML Templates, ICF Services, HTML, HTMLBusiness, JavaScript, OCI-Schnittstelle, internal and external catalogues, XSL, Java, JSP

  • ABAP Web Dynpro: Four day inhouse seminar, including ABAP Objects introduction. Oral presentation, combined with examples and the creation of demo applications. Individualization of contents according to the customer’s requirements

  • SRM consulting and development (two projects in parallel): SRM 7.0 and MDM evaluation; technological consulting; Creation of business specifications; Implementation of requirements; Bug fixing. Methods: ABAP, ABAP Objects, ABAP Web Dynpro, Internet Services, HTML Templates, ICF Services, HTML, HTMLBusiness, Javascript, OCI interface, internal and external catalogues


  • SAP SRM: Enhancement, development as well as third-level support for the order system of a global customer (telecommunication sector). Methods: SAP SRM, ABAP, ABAP/Objects, BAdis, Javascript, Interner Services, HTML, Dynpros, external ITS, external catalogs (Heiler catalogue, Heiler SMARTFORM), XSL, Apache FOP (for generating PDFs)

  • SAP SRM: Business consulting, technology consulting, development, bug fixing. Methods: SAP SRM, SAP R/3, Browser-settings, Internet Services, HTML Templates, BHTML (Business HTML), ABAP, BAdis, Javascript, HTML, OCI (Open Catalogue Interface), implementing OSS-notes, Solution Manager

  • Creation of maintenance views for  SAP BW info objects. Methods: SAP R/3, SAP BW, Web Dynpro for ABAP

  • Web Service conversion from Microsoft ASP to PHP. Reason was moving of the web server from Windows to Linux. Installation of Apache web server and of PHP module. Methods: PHP, Microsoft ASP (reading), HTML, Javascript, Apache HTTP server


  • Building of an Internet supplier portal: Development from scratch, project management, integration of existing systems, among them SAP and Lotus Notes. Methods: Java (Java 5 SE, NetBeans, several libraries and frameworks), web technologies (RIFE, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Javascript frameworks, JUnit), SAP, SAP Java Connector, ABAP

  • SAP SRM: Consulting regarding processes and documentation; support in escalating issues to SAP; Adaptation of standard functionality to customer needs. Techniques: SAP SRM Module (including PPOMA and CCM), SAP R/3, SAP ITS, BSP (Business Server Pages), BHTML (Business HTML), ABAP, BAdis, Javascript, HTML, OCI (Open Catalogue Interface)

  • Extending the grid functionality of JGAP


  • Implementation of numerous different maintenance views for BW info objects with ABAP Web Dynpro

  • Import, conversion  and export of complex business partner data. Methods: SAP R/3, ABAP

  • Extending a product for complex address management (including clearing). Methods: SAP R/3, ABAP, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Linux administration

  • Extending JGAP’s code base extensively, introducing grid computing


  • 2005/2006: Customer extension of a hospital system for the rehabilitation sector; Porting of the legacy system (Java) to the new system (SAP). Methods: SAP R/3, ABAP, ABAP/Objects, module: IS-H; Java, Oracle 9

  • Installation and Evaluation of SAP NetWeaver for Java. Methods: SAP NetWeaver 6.4, NetWeaver Developer Studio for Java, SAP R/3

2003 and 2004

  • Implementation of and bug fixing for a customer-made hospital system. Methods: Java, Oracle 8, Windows, Linux

2001 and 2002

  • Customer support for material management; creation of sales forms for a foreign  subsidiary of a customer. Methods: SAP R/3, ABAP, Module: QM, MM, SD

  • Design and implementation of a web shop as well as a system for electronically communicating dysfunctions by the customer from the driven enterprise resource planning system. Methods: Borland Delphi 6, Java, Windows, Linux, MySQL, BTrieve database

  • Diverse SAP-customer exists  for physical probes. Methods: SAP R/3, module QM, ABAP

  • Consulting for a mid-size logistics service provider: Diverse tasks, from consulting to profiling to implementation

before 2001

  • Design of a new platform for a fashion channel; prototyping and supervision of the previous platform. Methods: ASP, Borland Delphi 5, Oracle 8, Windows NT

  • Several years long: Miscellaneous smaller maintenance tasks for computer centers of multiple companies

  • Several years long: Design, implementation, and maintenance of a complex warehouse management system for a big manual center of distribution. Methods: Borland Delphi 5, Oracle 8, Windows NT, Multi-Tier-Architecture

before 1997

  • Many smaller projects,  among them several months working for a huge plant constructor. Methods: Assembler, Basic, Delphi, Lotus 123, Paradox

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